Warping Square

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This is our flagship product.

The Square uses a unique system for adjusting warp length based on how the yarn is routed around the inner hub. You do not have to move anything to change warp length. The calculated length also takes into account the yarn that drops from the comb to the yarn clip, reducing waste.  

The Square spins on bearings and has a cog & pawl system allowing it to spin freely in the wind-on direction, but engage the adjustable friction tensioner in the wind-off direction.

The Square has adjustable resistance for winding onto a sectional beam via a knob in the center of the hub.

The Square has fully locking casters that completely lock up so there is no wiggle while you're winding.

The Square is adjustable for height via the 2 black knobs on the front. One of those knobs is the tension adjustment knob so make sure your height is set before starting to beam your yarn.

The Square is designed to have extremely consistent tension eliminating the need for a tension box.

The Square has an electronic counter for keeping track of warp length.

The Square has a removable brass peg on one of the arms allowing it to function as a skein winder.



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