Warping Square Mini Assembly Instructions



1. Clamp Assembly

2. Hub assembly with 2 arms attached

3. Upper arm

4. Lower Arm

5. Beaming arm

6. Comb Holder for beaming arm

7. Parts Bag



1. Clamp the camp assembly onto a firm surface. Clamp can be slid close to dimension by pressing the thread bypass button on the back of assembly.

2. Remove the 2 1/4 inch knob & all washers from the shaft. Make note of the order of the parts prior to removal.

3. Locate the hub assembly and slide it not the shaft.

4. Install washers back onto shafting the same order they were removed (black washer, silver, black, silver, black, black indexed collar, 2 1/4 knob).

5. Locate parts bag and remove the small screws. Note that there are 2 size screws (1” & 1 1/4”). Locate the two arms and place them in their appropriate locations. Arms are labeled with a letter on the back & a corresponding letter on the hub assembly. Secure arms through the hub with 1 1/4” screws into the dowels and 1” screws into the blind holes. 

6. Locate the beaming arm assembly & the comb holder. Attach the beaming arm to the back beam of your loom by loosening the clamp until it can be slid over the beam. The angled arm on the beaming assembly should face the outside of your loom. Tighten the knob onto the back beam of your loom. 

7. Remove the knob and the carriage bolt from the comb holder and slide the holder over the 1/4” hole at the end of the beaming assembly. The Carriage bolt is slid in from the top and the knob attaches at the bottom of the arm.