Louet Loom Sectional Extension

Louet has the most progressive designs (IMHO) in current loom production. We have been impressed with the cam action on the shafts of our David as well as the linear slides on the beater. Listening to feedback from others and in our own experience there are 3 shortcomings with the overall design. Shortcoming number one, the crank on the cloth beam interferes with the sliding beater and is difficult and awkward to advance. Shortcoming number two, the length of the base makes a light loom that was prone to tipping if you lean (or pull yourself up) on the back beam. Shortcoming number three (and the largest of the three) is the sectional beam. The sectional is an add on item that screws directly to the plain beam on three wood strips resulting in a beam 10 inches in circumference. This makes it difficult to keep track of rotations as well as confirming that bouts are the same length. The last warp we had on the loom was 24 yards which required 68 rotations to wind on, all made the more difficult by the awkward crank for the sectional. 
So the photos show our solution to problems two & three (problem one we would like to address with maybe a worm drive crank, maybe). It is a finished design that we will soon have available for purchase on the site. A general design overview: matching beech (wood) construction, 1 yard circumference sectional, larger brake pulley with integrated revolving handle, greater depth (37.5 inches from beam to beam), & no modifications to the loom.