Kickstarter & Tug & Autumn & Wow

Where did autumn go?
We had our kickstarter campaign for Tug that ended August 25th & I hardly remember anything after that. We had 3D CAD files drawn, applied for a patent, & coordinated with 4 outside entities (two for CNC work, a circuit board manufacturer & a metal finisher who anodized Tug's parts). Previous to Tug we have done nearly all manufacturing in house. It was a great and exhausting experience. There are now 49 Tug's in use from North America to Australia. We will be putting Tug up for sale soon as a preorder. The next batch is scheduled for completion in mid-march. Retail price is going to be $550 with the ball winder head. Here is our latest video showing Tug zipping through 8 ounces of yarn (in the messy shop).