How'd we start making the Warping Square?

I started weaving in October of 2013. I bought a beautiful Norwood 4 shaft loom that came with a spool rack and a tension box. It was tedious work because of how many color changes were involved and we didn’t have the budget to buy a cone of yarn for each thread needed in each section. For my next warp I tried to use a make shift warping reel but it was fairly disastrous and involved a lot of tangles. It also made me dizzy. I started looking for something else and wanted to make a DIY wheel. This is where Mitch stepped in. He likes to problem solve. And also likes motors. He started researching and came up with idea for motorized warping square. I thought it was a bit overzealous and perhaps frivolous.

18 months later we came up with the Warping Square! It took a while to work out the kinks, but it was worth it. I even love the motor! And since I've been dyeing more and more I love the fact that it can be used as a skein winder also. 

Fun facts:

- Surprisingly the hardest thing to design was the yarn clip!

- Each Square has 94 individual pieces - the motorized has even more!

- There are 108 different machining steps involved in making the Square

- It takes 12 hours to make a Square

- There are over $250 in materials alone in the standard non-motorized Square