hillary crinkle.

tomorrow is election day and my 6 year old daughter thinks hillary's last name is crinkle. its pretty fabulous you gotta admit. so welcome to our first blog post from sawyer bee! or my first blog post, being the sole non-blood related piece of this handiwork puzzle. my name is caryn, but when i white water kayaked the grand river in tarkio montana last summer on a cancer survivors trip my river name was crafty. both because i am a wizard of craft and because im crafty like they say in the beastie boys song except i dont sneak behind the couch and steal things. prior to my arrival sawyer bee was comprised of julie (the weaver/dyer/mother) and mitch (the woodworker/inventor/father) and the inspiration of it all, sawyer (the dress up queen/gap-toothed smiling/garden nymph/morning nakie girl/homeschooled daughter).

pictured below are my little magic girl hazel anjali and me. i'm working on some final touches in knocking down some edges on the warping squares, she is free ranging it with nails and a hammer.


i've spent the last few months assisting both julie and mitch (only one works at a time as the other parent engages with the little one). presently mitch is out finishing up a very large remodeling job at a clients home out in stockbridge, michigan. some images will have to be sourced to reveal the expoundable care and thought that mitch put into this space. the couple out there lost a big 'ol oak and mitch turned it into square tiles, and the floor of the 4 season enclosed porch is blessed to feature them. so that is wrapping up and word has it that mitch with then turn his focus towards the development of some new products for this little family business. prior known for the 'warping square' that mitch has been producing and selling since 2014, sawyer bee is a very well rounded company in terms of products as you can imagine julie just did this:

i know! its insane right? give me a break. someof those patterns had 52 pics to roll around!me? im going to warp up my old jack loom that julie has been kindly storing in the basement herewith some of her dyed scrap yarn and get weaving some fabric to turn into garments. please let me know if you have any questions! yours, crafty.