Cone Winder take 2 - failure

So 50 Tugs are out in the world. Feedback has been largely positive &  I feel comfortable enough to start switching focus toward the cone winder head. The attached video shows our second prototype, which failed to wind a neat cone. I generally only show successes, but I thought demonstrating our failure might be insightful. Product development for me is about testing ideas, noting your success & analyzing your failures. What I learned from this prototype is that the pitch on our reversing screw is too fine and that the yarn guide needs to rest on the cone (or so I surmise) otherwise it fails to form crisp edges. I ordered the reversing screw from China mostly because I did not know exactly how they were made. For the next prototype I am working with our CAD guy to draw one from scratch & then will try to 3d print it. The final screws will be machined, but having them machined in small quantities is cost prohibitive.