Ball Winder Video (w/ new yarn guide)

Prototype #3 is getting closer. In testing the last couple weeks we found the need for a couple of refinements. The easy fix was the cone is too slick, causing slippery yarns to slip off at high speed (sometimes). We are adding a bit of texture to the finish to remedy that. The second thing was a bit trickier. The ball winder worked great from a swift, but not so hot from a cone. We needed someway to even the yarn tension as it came off the cone. Our solution seems elegant enough. We just added a bar below the guide that allows you to drop down from the guide coils around the bar. You have room to do it twice, but our testing has concluded once is enough. Take a look at the video and you can see it in action. The video will do a much better job of explaining than I am. The ball winder will be at Midwest Weavers Conference father's day weekend. We will be looking to get the kickstarter going at the end of June and have these on our site for sale early in the fall.