Ball Winder Prototype off for electronics.

We are moving forward on the development of "tug", our ball winder. Our first prototype was fully functional but pretty rough and the electronics were well... embarrassing. Apparently my understanding of motor controls dates to right about the time Ponch and John were patrolling the 405.
So prototype number 2 is in the pic below. It is a bit more refined and included in that refinement is having someone else develop the controls. We've hired an embedded systems guy to design an arduino based controller that will do the following: limit switch that stops the motor when there is a tangle, single push button on/off, & variable speed. The whole thing will be powered with a laptop style AC to 12v DC universal power supply, just like the motorized Warping Square. The advantage of this being it can be used in any country in the world with the simple change of a cord.
We are planning on having the design finalized by the end of May. It's probably going to end in a kickstarter campaign as development cost have been pretty high and we hope to have the ability to have parts manufactured on a larger scale keeping prices down.